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Discover the Best Lighting According to Your Home Style

Discover the best lighting according to your home style. If the maxim is applied that each corner of a house deserves a type of lighting, then it can be quickly concluded that each home needs it's own depending on the style adopted to decorate. The industrial lighting that can be chosen in a minimalist apartment, which seeks cold tones, has nothing to do with a house where wood predominates. In the latter case, the best choice will almost certainly be for rustic lamps. 

Best Lighting According to Your Home Style

minimalist apartment rustic lamps ideas
minimalist apartment rustic lamps ideas

Decoration (and style in general) and lighting go hand in hand. However, you cannot lose sight of what natural light provides. Sunrays are very necessary, especially in Mediterranean countries. Choosing the most suitable type of lamps according to the style of a house is not at odds with giving a certain prominence to sunlight while the hours of each day allow it. Taking advantage of it is as easy as not placing large objects in front of the windows, or using very blackout curtains. 

Opt for Rustic Lighting 

The rustic vs modern lighting and/or decorative style is always present when decisions of this type are made. Various design studies have already indicated that the rustic environment will hit hard in the coming seasons. It is the way to get a somewhat more romantic touch in any home. They do not have to be large single-family homes of various heights. Only a wise choice of the most suitable rustic ceiling lamps helps to achieve the desired style. 

rustic lighting in an interior
rustic lighting in an interior

There are many reasons to choose a type of rustic lighting in an interior. The aesthetic component is one of the first, and great weight. This type of lamp gives an impressive mark to any room. Elegance and light power come together in the same concept. But there are other relevant elements: when buying rustic lamps it becomes even more important to measure the height of the ceilings. It is not a generalized rule, but they are usually larger models that need adequate space (speaking in meters). 

vintage rustic ceiling lamps
vintage rustic ceiling lamps

In the same way, the material from which rustic ceiling lamps (and in general those of this type) are composed usually assemble materials that are out of the ordinary. We are talking about metal, copper, ropes, or more decorative elements that directly influence the ability to give light. Depending on the function that each lamp is going to have, it is imperative to ensure that it will illuminate everything we need. For balcony lighting you can read in here

rustic outdoor wall lights
rustic outdoor wall lights

It is even possible to extend this decorative atmosphere outside the home thanks to rustic outdoor wall lights. They are a very versatile option to create the desired atmosphere since they are easily installed on the surface in any place. It is very common to find them in gardens. They have the necessary lighting (taking into account the place where they are placed) and always adapt the appropriate light tone to the expectations that have been generated for them. Therefore,  the fixtures outside are an option present proposals for designers today. 

Discover Industrial Lighting for a House 

Talking about this concept moves almost any user to large, cold warehouses. But nothing further. There are good examples of  LED lamps capable of giving any part of a house an industrial touch. What's more, many times they are products that combine the industrial with the retro in the same element, which is gaining more and more integers in many houses.

Industrial with the retro LED Lamp
Industrial with the retro LED Lamp

Nostalgia is a great culprit for this, but also the desire to explore decorative concepts that break with the cold and white light that so many homes have adopted. It should be remembered that when opting for industrial lighting, many of the lamps available to the consumer have a purely decorative function. They are used to give warmth to spaces, with relaxing and cozy atmospheres. 

Currently, you can find the typical Tungsten filament lamps and the equivalence in LED Technology. The former has a higher consumption to give the same lighting like LED bulbs. These types of bulbs have different types of diffusers, the most common being rounded ones or G-type diffusers (For example, a G125 has a diameter of 125 mm balloon). 

LED bulbs G125 125mm Filament
LED bulbs G125 125mm Filament

To all the aforementioned we must add another weapon to achieve the desired industrial lighting in a room:  metal lamps, which fit very well in any style and combine especially with the most modern range of furniture. The black, copper, or silver color, even with some exposed cables, are also part of the style that a house that has opted for giving a more eclectic touch usually looks.

LED lighting tips and tricks for small bathrooms

LED lighting tips and tricks for small bathrooms. In general, the lack of space is usually a problem when making decisions regarding lighting or decoration, but playing with certain aspects does not have to be something that happens by imposition. There are tools so that, for example, lighting small bathrooms is not qualitatively more complex than a larger one. While it is true that in these cases more relevant decisions must be made (giving up the bathtub, suspending the furniture in the air, etc.) it is also true that LED lighting opens a wide range of options to facilitate the work. 

LED Lighting for Small Bathrooms

LED lighting tips and techniques for small bathrooms
LED lighting tips and techniques for small bathrooms

Small Bathroom Decoration: Simple Mission? 

As far as lighting itself is concerned, when determining the most suitable for a small bathroom, the following should be taken into account: 

The main light point is a priority  (as in almost any room in the house), especially for those moments when a specific task is not being carried out. 

The points of light fixtures are relevant in a bath for their raison. If space is limited, the logic of lighting dictates placing them on the mirrors (as you can see later) for moments of cleaning or performing more specific daily tasks. 

decoration of small bathrooms tips
decoration of small bathrooms tips

When the central issue is the decoration of small bathrooms, not only light bulbs come into play, but also some more specific "tricks" whose objective is specifically to play visually with the available space. The list of tricks is extensive, but the most common is the use of horizontal lines or light colors, which always give the appearance of greater amplitude. Even using mirrors that reach the floor, placing them in front of a window or other more pure decoration tricks such as suspending the furniture and/or recessing all possible elements, such as taps.

neutral light for small bathroom design
neutral light for small bathroom design

Recessed LEDs, Just One More Option for the Bathroom 

In principle,  the standard recommendations for a bathroom speak of using neutral light. And it is because, as in other parts of the house, such as the dressing room, the idea is to get as close as possible to the same shades that sunlight emits since in this way the colors that are perceived in the shelter of a light bulb are the same as received once on the street.

However,  decoration experts insist that it is also possible to combine cold light with slightly warmer touches. A bathroom lends itself especially to this since there are areas that will always require more light than others. For example, in the shower area (as long as the dimensions allow) less cold lights can be used to provide greater visual comfort. 

As for the pure choice, a recommended option for small bathrooms is recessed lights. It seems logical considering other decisions that have already been made (suspended furniture, etc.); the spotlights Led Downlight to stand as the main proposal without forgetting cutting edge alternatives as recessed luminaires on the ground.  

For the selection of the main light point,  surface-mounted LED panels usually win the battle, especially since there is no need to drill holes in the ceiling. Also, thanks to its light opening angle (180 degrees, even) they achieve that only with the installation of a unit the entire bathroom can be illuminated without generating the dreaded shadows. It would be an effect very similar to that sought in a clothing tester. 

mirrors with built-in LEDs for small bathrooms
mirrors with built-in LEDs for small bathrooms

Lighting in the Bathroom Mirror, a Critical Point 

The aforementioned "dreaded shadows" are more of a mirror area problem. Although you can give up a bathtub, it does not seem possible to articulate a bathroom, no matter how small, without the presence of a mirror. In the case of these specific bathrooms, mirrors with built-in LEDs have emerged as an effective solution. They provide the precise and necessary lighting for daily cleaning tasks, and even many models help in the tasks of optimizing space thanks to their ample storage space.

An important fact that should not be forgotten: any of the LED luminaires chosen for the bathrooms must have a high level of protection against humidity. In other words, to complete the task of lighting it, you should choose IP44 or IP65 lamps, especially those that are closest to the sink or shower. 

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Terraces and Balcony Decoration and lighting

How do you decorate terrace lights? The terrace is an extension of the home, but increasingly it seeks its independence from the living room to find its own prominence. As such, the ideal way to enjoy sunny days and chill out nights is to give it life, color, and a style consistent with the design of our home.

Terraces and Balcony Decoration and lighting

Then we must choose the materials. Wood, a very elegant material, is the most used and properly treated, it becomes very resistant to the elements. Teak, cedar, walnut or bamboo are preferred, either for furniture or even to define finishes such as ceilings, enclosures such as fences, or even planters. For flooring materials, placing more than one material can be an attractive solution as it can achieve interesting interplay of contrasts and textures.

Terraces and Balcony Decoration and lighting
Terraces and Balcony Decoration and lighting

Keep in mind that the terrace should be an agile and light environment, so it should not be overloaded. The furniture must be comfortable and resistant. The classic thing is the wooden furniture, although synthetic rattan is also in force, or if not in a more contemporary style, cast aluminum combined with wood. The latest trend is polypropylene armchairs, such as Philip Starck's, and white PVC.

Terrace Decorating with the wooden slats floor tiles and fireplace
Terrace Decorating with the wooden slats floor tiles and fireplace

A mandatory element in the decoration of terraces is the green color, which is present through the vegetation: in plants, vines, and pots. The type of pot will depend on the space you have and to get more vegetation, it is best to use planters, which also offer a decorative architectural effect and define the spaces.

green color terraces balcony decoration
green color terraces balcony decoration

To complete the whole, lighting is essential. If something differentiates an interior space from an exterior one, it is having a piece of the sky, and therefore it is convenient to take advantage of it and not compete at night with the subtle brightness of the moon, avoiding light pollution. Apart from the necessary direct lighting in dining, reading, or barbecue areas, it can be interspersed with an accent or indirect lighting to highlight points of vegetation, and with candles that illuminate the space in an ephemeral way and create a cozy atmosphere.

Rooftop Terrace Modern Design With Wooden Floor
Rooftop Terrace Modern Design With Wooden Floor

It is highly recommended to consult with specialists who can determine if the materials we have chosen are adequate, and in cases where major work is required, the help of an architect and construction permits will be required.

First of all, we must study the space and see how we can distribute all the elements, such as furniture, structures such as pergolas, vegetation, and ornamental elements.

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Choose LED lighting Technology for Your House

Choose LED lighting Technology for Your House. LED technology appeared on the market a few years ago with prices that only a few could afford, and it must also be said that with some shortcomings in terms of its results, but as always happens with modern technology this has already changed and in Today LED lighting is available to everyone.

LED lighting Technology

Also, the performance of these lamps has been improved so that now there are luminaires whose light is not easily differentiated from the warm light of halogen lamps to which we have become accustomed.

Choose LED lighting Technology for Your House

It is important to note that the consumption is significantly lower than that of a traditional lamp: to achieve the same number of lumens, a LED lamp consumes 4W while its halogen equivalent has a consumption of 50W, the price of the first one indeed doubles that of the second, but its low consumption and its long duration mean that this small initial investment is amortized in the first months and that at the end of the useful life of the lamp the energy and economic savings are considerable.

For this reason, more and more consumers choose LED technology for their homes and Reformed in its effort to make life easier for its customers, it offers this complete service, which begins by making a precise calculation of the necessary lighting in each room and evaluating the most appropriate solution. in each case.

Underground LED lighting For Lanscaping Design

In this sense, it should be noted that there are models on the market both to place recessed lamps if there is a false ceiling and surface luminaires if it is lacking.

In short, LED technology allows a great saving in the cost of your electricity bill, it is sustainable, ecological and very decorative and elegant, what more can you ask for from a lamp?

The importance of best lighting in the bathroom

The importance of best lighting in the bathroom. Lighting in the bathroom is key and during the design phase, it is essential to keep in mind what type of lighting is going to be used, where the lights are going to be placed, and what kind of accessories and finishes will be used. Understanding the basic concepts of lighting will answer these questions and the result will be to reduce the number of shadows and reflections to a minimum, creating a perfectly lit space.

The importance of best lighting in the bathroom

The importance of best lighting in the bathroom

The ideal lighting for the bathroom should be a balance between a strong light, for when you need to see with precision, and warm light, for when you want to achieve a cozy and relaxing space, without forgetting that it has to be functional and practical first of all.

The use of lamps with shades or light diffusers centered over the mirror will minimize shadows on the face and create a more homogeneous light. To avoid any glare, translucent white diffusers work best, as clear glass fixtures that expose the bulb tend to produce a lot of glare.

Applying sconces on both sides of the mirror, at face level, provides the best lighting and minimizes shadows. They are perfect for general grooming such as makeup application or shaving, and with a large number of appliques available on the market, you won't have to sacrifice style for functionality.

The best lighting option for a clean and unobtrusive look is recessed ceiling lights as they become part of the architecture and simply go unnoticed. When using recessed lights, it is best to place two or more lights spaced in a row close to the mirror to obtain ideal light coverage and avoid shadows as much as possible. Also, this type of lighting will enhance and emphasize the sink cabinet, creating a focal point in the bathroom.

Decorative lamps enhance general lighting, working in tandem with spot task lights, and adding elegance to bathroom decor and ambiance. A gorgeous chandelier over a freestanding tub, for example, is an instant glam hit.

Decorative lamps enhance general lighting in the bathroom

The lights not only fulfill a utilitarian function by promoting our visibility, but they also play an important role in the aesthetic and decorative aspects of the bathroom. Lighting is essential for interior design and today since interior spaces are "almost" scenographic, a good decoration can be a failure if it is not well lit.

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What is the best lighting for a bathroom?

What is the best lighting for a bathroom? Undoubtedly, good interior design must be compatible with a good lighting design, ensuring that the quantity and power of the lamps are adequate for the environments according to their dimensions and use. Bathrooms, specifically, should receive special attention.

Top lighting design for bathroom in This Year

The best lighting for a bathroom

In addition to dwelling on the types of lamps and bulbs - since it is a humid area - the problem of their dual function must also be addressed. First of all, it's a workspace, where we do most of our personal hygiene routines, including makeup and shaving. These activities require whiter, direct, and focused lighting. But it is also a space for relaxation, as it is possible to turn the bath ritual into a true home spa. In these cases, it is recommended to include a separate circuit for warmer lighting, with yellowish lamps, strategically located to illuminate the space indirectly.

separate circuit for warmer lighting with yellowish lamps for bathroom

When designing a bathroom, we recommend defining the design of the space and the lighting project before distributing the luminaires, and start by locating the direct and general lighting, and then planning the indirect and specific effects. In the shower area, you should choose sealed and vapor resistant lamps. It is recommended to use PAR20 type bulbs or bulbs with IP65 degree of protection (anti-dust, supporting low-power water jets) and addressable spot, to avoid the appearance of shadows. In addition, it is preferable to avoid the incorporation of lamps on the toilet.

sealed and vapor resistant lamps for bathroom

About some types of luminaires:

1. Pendants

They are ideal for indirect lighting and add a high aesthetic value to space. In public bathrooms - for example, in restaurants or theaters - it is possible to invest in more sophisticated pendant lamps: the traditional chandelier.

pendant lamps for bathroom design ideas

Pendant lamps are versatile because they can deliver a multitude of indirect light effects, depending on their distance and location.

2. Recessed spotlights

It is the most common form of general lighting in bathrooms because it is discreet and very functional.

3. Embedded 'light lines'

The very contemporary solution, ideal for minimalist environments. They are embedded LED profiles, which hide and protect the lamp from steam and dust.

It is important to make specific designs for each project, but in most cases, the following are recommended:

  • Light bulbs or bulbs with a color temperature between 3,000K and 4,000K.
  • To calculate the light emittance level, consider 200 lux for general lighting and 500 lux for the workspace.
  • Vials with a color rendering index (CRI) greater than 80%.

Let's review some allies of artificial lighting in bathrooms

Natural Lighting

You can enter the space through windows, skylights, or glazed panels. It contributes to the sanitary hygiene of the space, avoiding odors and the growth of mold.

Best Natural Lighting for bathroom

Light colors

If possible, it is recommended to choose light colors on at least one of the bathroom surfaces (floor, wall, or ceiling). They will favor both natural and artificial lighting. If darker tones are preferred, it is necessary to choose more powerful lamps, so as not to detract from the environment.


In addition to being useful in the hygiene routine, mirrors expand environments and, subsequently, the sensation of clarity within spaces. Most of the time, it is possible to embed the lighting in the mirrors, delivering indirect, cozy, and sophisticated lighting. In these cases the LED light is recommended; they are practical to install and very economical.

How to Light Up Your Bathroom with Small Cost

How to Light Up Your Bathroom with Small Cost - Two types of lighting must coexist in the bathroom. On the one hand, general lighting and on the other hand more specific lighting, which supports the first only when we need it, to be able to carry out hygiene and personal care tasks in a thorough way.

The lighting in the bathroom

The lighting in the bathroom, due to the characteristics of the room, implies certain safety requirements such as taking into account the IP degree. By IP we understand the Protection Index of a luminaire. The number always consists of two digits. The first of them refers to the level of protection offered by the luminaire against dust and intrusions of solid bodies and the second digit refers to the level of protection of that luminaire against the intrusion of liquids. In the case of the first digit, the values ​​range from 0 to 6, with 6 being the highest protection value. In the case of the digit that informs us of the protection of liquids, the values ​​range from 0 to 8, with 8 being the value that allows a luminaire to be submerged, for example, in water.

General light

Good general lighting is important for the bathroom to be comfortable and breathe a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The most advisable and practical thing is to install recessed luminaires in the ceiling, although surface luminaires (ceiling) are also a correction light. Halogen bulbs produce a light that is very similar to natural light, but among their drawbacks is that they generate a lot of heat and their consumption is high. Today, in the market, we already have halogen replacement LED lamps with the same color rendering and color temperature, which makes them the perfect light source to illuminate our bathrooms.

In this case, depending on the proximity of the luminaire to the bathroom area, we recommend a minimum IP of IP44 in this way, we guarantee that steam does not enter the luminaire with the consequent danger.

General light for bathroom with small cost

Mirror Zone Lighting

One of the most important areas in the bathroom is the mirror area; It is the area of ​​the bathroom in which jobs are carried out that require greater accuracy and for that reason, it is important to have uniform lighting that does not generate shadows or reflections. To avoid this type of problem we propose several so light ions:

The first solution would be to place recessed ceiling lighting. In this case, the built-in must be placed over the sink (Fig. 2); and not on us (Fig. 1) because our own body would be generating its own shadow and making it difficult to see well in the mirror.

Another solution is to place a front light fixture; either on the mirror or both sides of the mirror; known as a dressing room light. This type of wall lamp would cancel out any type of shadow that the ceiling light could generate. (Fig. 3)

In this area of ​​the bathroom, it is advisable to use luminaires with an IP44, because despite being an area that is not directly exposed to water, we must anticipate that the steam from the shower can reach said luminaire.

Mirror Zone Lighting For Bathroom Ideas

Bath or shower area Lighting

Generally, the bath or shower area is usually the area that is least illuminated in the bathroom. If you want functional lighting, the best ion light is a special recessed spotlight for wet areas. In this case, low voltage equipment (12v) and watertight structure are always required. The protection that the luminaire must-have in this area is an IP or protection index of 67, which guarantees total protection against splashing water. In this way, we can shower and bathe with complete peace of mind and without any danger.

Bath or shower area Lighting Design Ideas