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The importance of best lighting in the bathroom

The importance of best lighting in the bathroom. Lighting in the bathroom is key and during the design phase, it is essential to keep in mind what type of lighting is going to be used, where the lights are going to be placed, and what kind of accessories and finishes will be used. Understanding the basic concepts of lighting will answer these questions and the result will be to reduce the number of shadows and reflections to a minimum, creating a perfectly lit space.

The importance of best lighting in the bathroom

The importance of best lighting in the bathroom

The ideal lighting for the bathroom should be a balance between a strong light, for when you need to see with precision, and warm light, for when you want to achieve a cozy and relaxing space, without forgetting that it has to be functional and practical first of all.

The use of lamps with shades or light diffusers centered over the mirror will minimize shadows on the face and create a more homogeneous light. To avoid any glare, translucent white diffusers work best, as clear glass fixtures that expose the bulb tend to produce a lot of glare.

Applying sconces on both sides of the mirror, at face level, provides the best lighting and minimizes shadows. They are perfect for general grooming such as makeup application or shaving, and with a large number of appliques available on the market, you won't have to sacrifice style for functionality.

The best lighting option for a clean and unobtrusive look is recessed ceiling lights as they become part of the architecture and simply go unnoticed. When using recessed lights, it is best to place two or more lights spaced in a row close to the mirror to obtain ideal light coverage and avoid shadows as much as possible. Also, this type of lighting will enhance and emphasize the sink cabinet, creating a focal point in the bathroom.

Decorative lamps enhance general lighting, working in tandem with spot task lights, and adding elegance to bathroom decor and ambiance. A gorgeous chandelier over a freestanding tub, for example, is an instant glam hit.

Decorative lamps enhance general lighting in the bathroom

The lights not only fulfill a utilitarian function by promoting our visibility, but they also play an important role in the aesthetic and decorative aspects of the bathroom. Lighting is essential for interior design and today since interior spaces are "almost" scenographic, a good decoration can be a failure if it is not well lit.

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